Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Introduction to Becoming Ministries

There is something inspiring about the bud of a rose blossom. Perhaps it is the anticipation of the beauty that will be displayed as it reaches its pinnacle of glory and splendor. In a rose, there is great potential, yet great fragility. If you have ever had a rose bush, you know the care they require in order for each blossom to exert a bloom of extravagant scent and beauty. They need proper sunlight and fertile soil. They also need pruning and weeding. Likewise, roses are prone to attack by diseases and bug infestations. Yet, though a wide array of hostility within their environment awaits them, with diligent care and maintenance, unsurpassed beauty is achieved.

I often equate a woman's spiritual journey with a budding rose. There is great potential, yet great fragility. The Creator has fashioned her with remarkable beauty that comes from within. She is becoming. Yet, at the same time, she continues on a process. In essence, she is still becoming who God created her to be. When planted firmly in Scripture and receiving living water that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ, she grows in her relationship with God. However, there is still work to be done on her part. She must be aware of her sin nature that creeps in her life as quietly as weeds arise amongst the rose bush. She must get to the root of those formidable issues which entangle and snare her walk with the Lord before they hinder her growth and destroy her potential. Meanwhile, she must also face arduous circumstances which are beyond her control; those which consist of the pests, diseases, and storms of life. Yet, there is hope, knowing she is loved and cared for by the Gardener, who gives her living water which produces hope and allows her to go through the pruning trials in order to ensure proper growth. The end result that comes with steadfast care is maturity of growth which produces a bloom the world cannot ignore. It is a splendid testimony of the work and faithfulness of the Gardener and the perseverance of the rose.

Becoming ministries exist to help women recognize their beauty, value, and purpose in Jesus Christ by providing Scripture focused studies and messages in order to build up the kingdom of God and edify the body of Christ so that by our radiance, Christ may be glorified.

Services Provided: Curriculum Development, for retreats, conferences, small group Bible studies, etc. and messages for women's and girl's programs, conferences, retreats, Bible Studies, MOPS, and other engagements.

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  1. Looks great, Cortney! I know God will use you to bless many women.