Monday, June 23, 2014

How do you see your God?

Isaiah 40

For the last two days, Isaiah 40 has been impressed upon me.  Literally, God has brought forth this passage of Scripture to my eyes.  As I studied this passage, I wondered if it was because I was feeling tired in ministry.  I am in the middle of summer, which for a children's minister is a very busy time.  However, as I looked upon the passage further, He began to ask me a different question.  That question was, "How are you currently seeing God?"

The passage is one of comfort of the people of Israel.  Isaiah had predicted the destruction of Israel and its fall to Babylon and now he gives her a call of comfort.  I feel that the main question being asked is, "Do you remember who your God is?"  He is seen in this chapter as One with power, who rules with a mighty arm, yet also a faithful shepherd.  He is powerful, yet gentle to those He loves.  He has been ever present since creation.  Nothing has escaped Him.  The most formidable armies are like dust compared to our God.  Yet, it seems that His people have forgotten His attributes.  Their complaints stem out of lack of faith that comes from forgetfulness.

How often I am guilty of the same offenses as the Israelites?  I complain about my circumstances and accuse God of not caring, when in fact He is the One who is my Creator and Sustainer.  My responsibility is to hope in His character and to look faithfully to Him.  It is then that He will allow me to do things that I would have never though possible.

How do you currently see God?  Do you see Him as the Almighty God who lovingly cares for your every need? Or do you see Him as being far away and aloof to your problems?  If you are going through a season of discouragement in your walk with the Lord, I would encourage you to reflect on Isaiah 40.  Perhaps a shift in perspective is what you need to get you back on track.

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